More and more companies are recognizing that outsourcing engineering services gives them advantage including faster time to market, gaining access to specialized skill sets, controlling fixed overhead costs and handling engineering requirement peaks. With 30 years combined experience in technology development for the oil and gas market Fourmost Technology specializes in engineering design for hostile environments where tools operate in excess of 175°C and 30g RMS. We work to solve your design issues, delivering superior engineering turnkey product development and manufacturing services.

Fourmost utilizes state-of-the-art 3D CAD tools to achieve first-time-right designs. Using these CAD tools for FEA, simulation, mechanical design, schematic capture, PCB layout and embedded development design flow is optimized and errors are minimized.

Our engineers can design additional features into existing systems, provide sustaining engineering for those existing designs, or work with you on a completely new project from design concept and specification through to a completed, commercialized product.

We can provide product support infrastructure including documentation control and engineering change processes, manufacturing work instructions, users guides and manuals, and system flow charts.

Whether your project is a discrete component or an entire system, Fourmost has the expertise to help you cross the finish line.


We do not screen commercial grade components in our high temperature designs; we strive to use only components that are manufacturer rated to operate at the desired operating temperature in order to maximize reliability. Our design and packaging methodology allows minimum heating of components above ambient ensuring our products run at the lowest IC temperatures possible extending product life and reliability.



The Mechanical Engineering team at Fourmost specializes design challenges associated with downhole technology. Preliminary hand calculations are performed for stress analysis, then problem areas are identified. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is then performed to optimize the design. From complex Non Linear FEA to CAD drafting services, each project is tackled with the same attention to detail. Prior experience with CNC equipment ensures that your designs are optimized for efficient and cost- effective manufacturing.

PCB Design & PCA Manufacture


Hostile environments often require electronics to fit into minimal space; Fourmost’s Printed Circuit Layout team excels at optimizing board space with an eye towards thermal management and vibration tolerance. Dual sided boards with multiple layers including signal and power planes are our specialty.

Hostile environments require extra care when manufacturing PCB’s and performing circuit assembly. Fourmost contracts board manufacturing to third party companies proven to build reliable products for hostile environments. All circuit assembly is completed by hand and inspected under a microscope to ensure a robust and reliable product is produced.

Embedded Software

Most electronic systems today include an embedded controller of some kind. Fourmost personnel have been involved embedded projects ranging from total power consumption less than 28mW through systems that contain more than five independent processors.

Real time operating systems (RTOS) and high level language (C++) are used for maximum portability and ease of maintainability where possible and low level languages (Assembly) are used where time and space is critical.

Fourmost can implement a boot loader in your controller to allow you to change embedded software without having access to debug ports typically used during development. This makes the process of upgrading older equipment seamless. Boot loaders can be built to piggyback on most standard serial communications protocols often eliminating the need to open enclosures to reprogram.

Prior and/or Ongoing Projects

Some of our many projects include:

  • System architecture development
  • Control Systems
  • EM Telemetry
  • Power Conversion
  • Microcontroller based systems
  • Sensor interface
  • Temperature testing and verification
  • Integration of an alternate interconnect design into a modular downhole system
  • Design of proprietary centralization method & components for downhole equipment
  • Enclosures for surface equipment
  • Tooling to facilitate ready inspection of wear components in downhole systems
  • Shop calibration verification tooling
  • PDM motor design