With many years of experience in managing projects, Fourmost maintains a disciplined and structured approach to product development while maintaining flexibility in addressing each client’s specific concerns. In generating project proposals we begin with a specification or scope document to ensure clear definition and mutual agreement on what is required. A typical proposal will include several review stages so that the client can assess progress before work on the next phase is approved.

Fourmost is passionate about new product development from conception to product commercialization. We will assist in any or all aspects of the design process including:

  • developing a multi-phase project proposal
  • document a detailed product design specification
  • prototyping
  • identification of a thorough test program
  • vendor selection/recommendation
  • manufacturing documentation
  • operations documentation and training
  • commercial release

Fourmost understands the importance of each of these steps in the successful commercialization of new products new products to enable the running of a sustainable fleet.

EM Bi-Directional Telemetry

Building on prior experience in developing and operating conventional EM products, Fourmost is currently field testing a novel transmitter / receiver combination and the EM system will include a unique isolation design. The project goal is to deliver a bi-directional and adjustable power output EM module that can be integrated into most standard MWD systems with or without a hydraulic pulser.

Calibration Stand

Our innovative cam style locking mechanism, allows for independent rotational movement about two different axis. Digital positioning encoders provide real time measurement for azimuth and inclination. Constructed from light weight non-magnetic material and equipped with a fully adjustable frame, the Fourmost Calibration Stand is ideal for either the calibration of directional sensors in a magnetically clean environment or can be used for verification of sensor performance in a more typical maintenance lab environment.

Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) Tool Development

Fourmost was involved in an MWD tool sustaining engineering project. This tool had gone through iterations of prototypes and the client was using the tool to provide a commercial service. Fourmost provided a suite of new part designs and implementation plans for the parts. We also provided help with regard to the management of R&M and by providing detailed maintenance procedures for the tools.

Fourmost was also involved in expanding the capability of the MWD tool. This involved the design of new parts, the creation of detailed manufacturing drawings as well as machine shop selection, and the specification of off-the-shelf components.

Submersible Electric Pump

Fourmost was involved in the development and testing of an electrical submersible pumping system designed to be deployed on coiled tubing. Fourmost designed and tested heavy power electronics for down-hole control of an electric drive motor and constructed and utilized a test stand for the system.

Positive Displacement Motor (PDM) Design

Fourmost has researched several PDM motor designs and have developed a single design incorporating features from several models. Fourmost deliverables for the client included a complete set of production drawings so that the motor parts could be manufactured as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.