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Our custom engineered cables are assembled with durable components to save you time and eliminate unnecessary costs.


The team at Fourmost have decades of experience serving the oil & gas and telecommunications industries.

Result Based

Our custom cables work, period. We've had zero production defects during our 14 year run.

Why Choose Fourmost?

Incorporated in Calgary in November 2006, Fourmost Technology is expert in providing cable manufacturing services for custom applications. We specialize in assembling custom cables used to connect devices where available real estate is minimal and operating conditions are hostile.

We have years of experience in manufacturing and product support services for technology providers in the oil and gas industry. With our experience and expertise, we can help you too. We specialize in manufacturing custom cables using components sourced from North America and Europe.

As a preferred supplier, we can maintain an inventory of components and/or finished assemblies in order to respond to your operational requirements promptly. This eliminates the weeks or months of lead time you might face for securing specialty connectors from other companies.

Fourmost can assist with reliability analysis for downhole equipment, such as measurement-while-drilling (MWD) equipment. We also have experience providing expert witness services related to MWD equipment performance.

We are trusted by clients in North America and Europe

The personnel at Fourmost have decades of experience serving the oil and gas and telecommunications industries.

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